Thursday, November 25, 2010

VA Run Turkey Trot 5k

It was good to get out and run -- I was afraid that given my history of blowing off races, if there was rain, I'd just roll over and go back to sleep.  I mean, if I can pass up $300 race fees (think Rhode Island 70.3 in 2009) than I could certainly let a mere $27 entry fee go... but I didn't!  I got up despite the radio weather reports saying there was rain in the area.  I threw on my clothes and drove out to Centreville where there were actually a lot more people than I expected.  Parked about a half mile away from the start and ended up finding myself in the start corral about half hour before the race started... unfortunately that also means I was probably lined up incorrectly for my anticipated speed, but without great organization, I just went with it.  I looked around for Sloan who I found out was doing the race also, but with so many people it was impossible.

Finally the race was starting and we were off... I was worried I was a little over-dressed, but didn't think about it and actually ran the entire first mile without walking in about 10:53.  Overall, I only took 3 walk breaks and finished with around a 12:40 pace, which isn't great, but made me happy.  It's not like I was expecting any kind of PR given that I haven't run in such a long time, let alone 3 miles... that will change though since ARRC winter season is right around the corner (and 3 miles is the lowest mileage that we do).

It was cold so I decided to forego the after-party at the community center and just walked back to my warm jeep.. stopped at Starbucks (why are NO other breakfast places like Panera or bagel shops open -- there are so many turkey trots that you'd think they'd get a lot of business) and made my way home to shower, relax and get ready for Thanksgiving at mom's!  Glad I decided to get out there and run!!